Today the need of the hour is for the organization to be competitive and embracing new methods, processes, to keep changing continually to ensure future growth and survival. It is only those organizations that have being responsive to the needs for continuous change and those that have being able to keep reviewing themselves with reference to the environment and changing that have managed to transition successfully and grow. Early on every organization focuses on its production processes, product and product quality. Ensuring product quality was the job of the quality specialists and the managements involvement was perhaps limited to embracing a quality policy and practices, however with the growth of technology revolution, globalization and other factors, the entire concept of carry on business has undergone a 360 degree change. The legendary organizations like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox and General Electric etc have reinvented themselves to focus on customers and also focus on improving internal processes thus reinventing the entire organization. This resulted in creation of new culture in the organizations. The way that the organization perceived and values its processes, people, systems and all other inputs has change along with their commitment and value proposition to the customers too. To survive and grow your business in current times, you have got to learn the ropes of business once again, If you look at the market, you will see a lot of brands and organization that were in the fore front in the last few decades no longer exist. The leadership in the market place in all areas have changed and every few years we witness the of brands making it to the top.