Mommy Influencer Sparks Controversy With Meltdown Over Kid Opening Everybody’s Christmas Presents

The most important thing to know about parenting is that it is the ultimate test of patience. Even those who are clueless about kids know that for all they can be little bundles of joy, they are also a stressful experience. The perfect family will never exist, but that doesn’t stop many from hoping that they can recreate a small piece of it.

This is especially true at times like the festive season. There are a subset of parents who won’t settle for anything less than a Christmas day experience that could be on the front of a card, but children don’t always live up to those expectations. TikToker @jessicaciraulo learned this the hard way, when she came down on Christmas morning to find that her five year old daughter had unwrapped every present under the tree, for every family member.

Making a video to rant about her “parenting fail”, not everybody was sympathetic to her public response. While it may be an experience that everyone involved could learn from, it shouldn’t have been used for the views.