Most Relatable Memes for People Who Are Too Self-Aware and Sometimes Wish They Weren’t

People who are not self-aware are the worst. They just go about their days doing whatever tf they want and don’t care about how they affect anybody else. However, on the complete other end of the spectrum, being TOO self-aware is the worst… You start to overthink everything, you wonder if anybody even likes you? Do you even like you?? How are you really anyways? Don’t worry, y’all. You’re not alone. Just as I write this I’m thinking about how stupid I’m probably sounding and wondering if anyone will even relate to these memes like I do? Or maybe I’m just narcissistic and think everyone thinks the same as I do?? I don’t think I think that… But maybe I do deep down?? My therapist is currently on maternity leave so all I have are memes right now… Aaaaanyways, here are some memes I found on the web that I feel really see me when I’m being too self-aware, but also memes that are self-aware of themselves. Hope you enjoy!