Most Wholesome Text Screenshots of Customer Being an Actual Decent Human Being with Pizza Delivery Guy Who Messed Up His Order

If you have ever worked in customer service, then you have PTSD whenever an order is messed up. Why? Sometimes because the store you worked out might have had a “punishment” policy that was totally whack. But more likely because Karen customers would make it this whole nightmare situation that completely traumatized you and now you won’t even send back your plate even if the fish is still swimming on it. 

Well, you will be happy to know that there are some people out there who aren’t complete jerks when it comes to dealing with customer service. Recently, a screenshot of a text thread was shared on Reddit that showed a customer reacting wholesomely to an issue. He had ordered a pizza, and when it got delivered, he opened up the box and the pizza was completely destroyed. He sent a picture to the small local pizza shop with just the words “bro…” The management was quick to apologize and tell them they were going to send him a replacement pizza. 

However, the customer instantly felt bad when the manager told him that the delivery driver was new (and probably since he is a human who has worked in customer service before and knows that feeling of when you mess up an order). So he bargains with the manager saying it’s totally okay, he’s still going to eat the pizza, and please don’t get the delivery guy in trouble. This started a hysterical bit between the manager, delivery guy, and the customer. Basically, they settled on sending him a funny facetious picture of the employee in “time out.” 

Other customer service employees have been brought to tears at how wholesome this interaction is and want others to see it as an example of how you should actually react when something goes wrong with your order—after all, we’re all only human.