Mother Steals Child’s College Fund, Uses it to Remodel Kitchen

How’s that new kitchen looking, mom? That would be the question I’d ask every time I visited home after this discovery… If I ever bothered to visit again.

Just imagine stealing your child’s future that was set aside for them in order to give your kitchen a facelift. What kind of selfish and evil person does a thing like that? 

True, most people don’t have financial assistance from their parents and manage (although at great personal cost) but those who do have that kind of support should be eternally thankful. They often don’t realize how much of a “free pass” it is to have that assistance and not be saddled with ridiculous student loans for the foreseeable future as a graduation present from society. Debt of that magnitude can determine the course of the rest of your life, it becomes imperative to line up a job immediately after graduation and that kind of pressure can cause you to miss some life-changing opportunities that might have otherwise come your way. 

From where I stand the case is closed here, this mother is the worst. What’s your take?


Thumbnail Image: Jason Briscoe