MrBeast Gets Called Out for Asking Fans to ‘Clean Up’ Displays of His Chocolate Bars in Walmart

We are officially in the middle of the consumable YouTuber merch era. Logan Paul has been made such an impact with his Prime sports drink that it’s causing chaos in places like the UK, and MrBeast has joined the party with his line of chocolate bars, Feastables. 

The brand has been around for a little over a month, but it’s already caused some controversy thanks to an unorthodox way that the most-subscribed YouTuber has decided to promote it. 

Over the weekend, he took to Twitter to rally his followers into cleaning up the displays of his candy at their local stores. Terrifyingly, there were plenty of people out there who happily obliged him and posted proof. 

However, there were many more Twitter users who pointed out that it was pretty weird that he was asking fans to help promote his product for free. Many didn’t hold back with their roasting, revealing just how strange the request actually was. Parasocial internet relationships, they’re an absolute trip.