Music Memes For Musical Instrument Players

Everyone likes music, right? I am known to roll my eyes at people who list “music” as one of their interests. All I can think when someone says music is their favorite thing is, “yeah bro, everyone likes music.” However, some people like music a lot more than others. I’m talking about the CD-heads working their way through 1001 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die. I’m referring to the people who were not only first chair in their high school band but also the first chair in their college band and grew up to be band teachers. I’m referring to the epic choral legends who have been singing in their churches since they were 3-years-old. I’m even referencing those crazy bastards who major in musical theatre. These memes are for you, the people who can truly and honestly claim to “love music.” Y’all are in a different league, and I respect it.