Boost Your Brand by Creating an Audio Logo Music ProductionTap into the niche market ofcreating Audio Logos. In this course from composer/sound designer Gary Hiebner will guide you through the music production process onhow to create your own audio logo within your respective DAWs. This will cover creating your ownsound effects, such ashitsandwhooshes. Then onto how create tonal andsequencer patternsto build upmemorable chordsandmelodiesin your logo. And finally hell show you how tomix, master, andexportout the audio and embed it to the video logo. Course Content includes: Importing Video into your DAWCreating Markers for important areas in the VideoAdding Hits and Sub Hit soundsCreating your own Whoosh soundsAdding in Sound Effects to accompany the audioUsing Reversed sounds for BuildsEmbellishing your logo with Sparkle soundsAdding Tonal color to the LogoUsing Pulsing sequencer patterns to create rhythm and movementApplying Mixing processes to the audioExporting the finalised audio and embedding it to the videoWhat You’ll Get From ThisCourse: Step-by step instructions on how to get started withthe creation process of building an Audio Logo in your DAW. Easy to follow on screen examples of how to create a complex sounding Audio Logo music production. Tips & Tricks from an experience composer and sound designerCourse Goals: At the end of this course youll have a good understanding on how an audio logo music productionis created. And you’ll be able to use the same steps to build up components in your audio logo to build up an interesting and complex sounding audio logo.