Nashville Bartender Fired For Calling Out Roach-Infested Workplace

Anyone who has worked at a restaurant, bar, or combination of the two knows that pests like fruit flies, gnats, and roaches are no joke. Any sort of infestation can do damage to the business’s reputation and can cause major drama with the Department of Health. While a bug here or there is something that’s hard to avoid, if a bar or restaurant is overtaken by flies or visible roaches, things must be really, really bad. Any self-respecting business owner would call in professionals to handle a pest problem with alacrity. But sometimes, owners and managers simply can’t be bothered, leaving workers to deal with unsanitary conditions and the customer fallout that comes with them, and a viral Facebook post from this week describes this exact scenario. 

In the post, a Facebook user who goes by ‘Sam’ shares how she was fired after expressing discomfort at staying open while small roaches are crawling across the bar. After bringing attention to the alarming infestation, she and a colleague were removed from the schedule. She shared the texts to several hospitality groups, and received a lot of sympathy from people who work in the industry, and those who rely on going to bars and restaurants for fun. She may be looking for a new job, but after the review-bombing of her former workplace, we’re betting they’ll have a hard time replacing her.