Negligent Parents Try To Pawn Off Their Children Onto a Babysitter On Christmas Day

If there’s one holiday you don’t want to work on, it’s Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, there’s a sort of unspoken cultural rule in America that demanding or asking somebody to work on Christmas is inappropriate without giving them a sizeable bonus for that day. After all, there are so few days in the year that workers get off; anyone working on Christmas needs to get paid at least double what they usually get paid for it to be worth it. 

One Redditor shared her story about rejecting a family she babysits for regarding their request for her to look after their kids on Christmas day. The premise of this post already raises some red flags. Why would parents of young children need a babysitter on Christmas? Wouldn’t they want to spend the day with their family uninterrupted? Even more red flags arise in this story about advocating for yourself to your cheap boss.