New Yorker Shocked to Realize Helicopter is Cheapest Uber Option

New York: it might be the city of dreams, but hot damn, its taxis are expensive. Most New Yorkers will shudder when recalling the prices of a humble 15 minute Uber ride at peak times, and things only seem to be getting crazier. A long distance taxi often seems to be something that only the richest can afford, and it appears to be leading to some pretty wild situations.

This has been exemplified in a situation recently shared by @GuiseppeGangsta. Claiming that the cheapest option for a ride from JFK airport to Manhattan was a helicopter, people were taken aback by the absurdity of it all. It’s definitely pretty cool to have the option of traveling by air, but there are practical implications to think about. Also, let’s not forget that all three options cost over a hundred dollars. One thing’s for sure, many types of big city living are not for the faint of heart.