Nobody Wants to BeReal Any More, According to Jaded New Meme

Anybody who has a higher than average screen time or knows at least one Gen Z has had to come to terms with the fact that BeReal exists. The only social media ruled by random push notifications, it is notorious for capturing some truly chaotic moments and taking away the bragging and BS that comes with other platforms. 

In theory, this sounds like a breath of fresh air. Not everyone has been convinced by it, however. Some people just can’t get their heads around the idea of spontaneously sharing pieces of their lives like that, when many of us are used to studiously workshopping the highlights to post online. Enter the “I don’t want to BeReal” meme, that makes a pun out of the app’s name to underline what we care about more than being just so random. From love to major life events, this covers some heavy hitters. Aren’t these what really matters?