Nondescript Memes For Proud NPCs

I’m not an NPC. At least I don’t think I am. NPC, or “Non Player Character” has been in the vernacular for some time now, but recently it’s become used to label people others see as “mindless” or “controlled by something.” One of my least favorite examples of this is when people post videos of themselves at the airport and ask the question “How is it possible that 100 people are flying from Tampa Florida to Salt Lake City Utah on a Tuesday morning? At least 80% of these people must be NPCs.” People who accuse others of being NPCs really prove that they see themselves as the center of the universe. Like why are YOU on this weirdly specific flight at this time? Were you programmed to be here too? Maybe we’re all NPCs and somebody has programmed us to be where we are and on the websites we’re on. It does not matter. You can look at these memes, or not. You have free will. You are a player character of your own life.