Normie Memes For Former And Current Goths

You’re a fool if you don’t believe that the golden age of being a goth teen was the 80s-2000s. Since then, the edge of wearing black clothes and listening to screamo has worn off. Anybody can be a TikTok goth these days. Back then, you had to work for it, and sacrifice your ability to blend in. When I was a teen, I was a total wannabee goth. I wanted a “scene” haircut, but it definitely didn’t happen for me. I was obsessed with eyeliner to the point that I literally looked like a raccoon. I tried to hang out with the edgy goth kids, but I didn’t like that they tried to peer pressure me into not wearing a seatbelt. Basically, I was a failure. 

For me, wanting to move down the goth-normie continuum was a phase, but it doesn’t have to be! There are lifelong goths out there who are still kicking it. Whether you’re a normie or a goth (the only two things a person can be), these memes are sure to get a smile out of you.