Nurse Memes For Exhausted Professionals

There are some jobs you need a sense of humor to be able to do; otherwise, there would be no way you could get through every day and still keep your sanity. Nursing is one of those professions. Nurses must deal with the public in ways many service workers never do. Nurses have to control scared and angry people who don’t want to be where they are and administer healthcare to those people. I literally could never. 

I learned that nursing was no joke through my friend who works as a pediatric psychiatric nurse. This woman literally gets beat up at her job by these teens. She shows up to functions with scratches and bruises on her face and says, “just another day in the office!” Once I heard that, I vowed never to complain about a cushy computer job ever again. Nurses deserve the world, but I can’t give them that. All I can offer them is memes.