Nurse Memes To Help You Gear Up For The Holidays

Why do so many people get sick during the holiday season? Nobody likes being sick during the holidays, especially in a hospital. Nobody likes working overtime during the holidays either, unable to see their families when they should be together most. Unfortunately, there ain’t no rest for the weary, so nurses and healthcare professionals everywhere spend so much of their December working till all hours of the night. It’s so cruel that there’s an increase in hospitalizations and illnesses during the holidays, just like there’s an increase in spending. Why must the financial quarter system match up with the rate of ailments? I guess we’ll never know. 

If you’re a nurse, then you deserve to have a laugh this Christmas. After all, you’ve spent so much of your time helping others. I want to help y’all with a nice Santa sack full of hilarious nursing memes. Scroll down to open your present!