NY Mag Runs Exposé on “Nepo Babies”, Prompts Hilarity and Discussion

Celebrities these days have it harder than before. Any normal person can see their name once, and immediately rush to Wikipedia to read up on all the juicy details of their life. While the DUIs and divorces are always fun to find out about, perhaps the most important part of their bio is the “Early Life” section: namely, whether their parents’ names are highlighted in blue. Almost every industry is rife with purebred nepotism babies, and sometimes it isn’t who we expect.

The conversation surrounding these kids of the rich and famous has been active recently, following a cover story from New York Magazine that details countless celebrities who may have benefitted from their backgrounds. It’s no shock that Twitter users had plenty to say about this, whether they were surprised at some of the inclusions, or wanted to dispute them. While the rest of us may be bitter that we never got that immediate leg up the ladder, at least we can console ourselves that a lot of people would not have the talent to get anywhere without some powerful relatives.