Oddly Specific Posts & Terrible Truths From Tumblr

The internet is kind of wild. At this very moment, all across the globe, there are people like you, hunched over their laptops and/or phones, trying to pass the time. Some of them are reading this article, too. The cool thing about this is that somewhere, somebody is typing up a super-specific sentiment, or a terribly inconvenient and cursed truth, and is about to share it to the whole of Tumblr. Sometimes these posts contain strange and  warnings, like the first entry in this list, which involves an oddly specific hypothetical involving a spiteful genie. Others veer into more serious categories, penning very longwinded and sometimes compelling manifestos and monologues about anything under the sun. On Tumblr, it’s all fair game. And thanks to the diverse offerings of the website, and the interesting brains of its users, we are able to bring some of these fascinating internet compositions to your screens, be they large or small.