‘Old-Poor’ Millennials Rag on ‘New-Poor’ Boomers for Freaking Out Over the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse in Funniest Self-Deprecating Comment Section

Okay, okay, so a lot of this is also kind of millennials ragging on themselves, but still—millennials are getting the last laugh here. Even Gen X are agreeing with them. This isn’t our first crisis. Us millennials have been through ups and downs of all sorts. A savings account? Only if you came from money already. It takes money to make money, is what the boomers have taught us millennials. So we just have learned to live with not a lot of money. It sucks, so you best believe we’re routing for these banks to collapse. Maybe we can finally start it all back up from scratch and create a system that doesn’t only benefit the rich?! Probably just a pipe dream. Anyways, have you panicking boomers considered skipping breakfast to save money? Maybe you should start making your morning coffee and lunches at home so you don’t spend it at Starbucks and fast food?