Thai food is popular in many countries around the world, because it is characterized by taste and flavor. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of Thai food courses viavarious media. The export of Thai food ingredients abroad make foreigners who loveThai food can cook itin their own country. This course is aimed at teachingthe Thai cuisine which is distinctivemethod from adelicious recipes oftherestaurants in Thailand. These recipes are also favorite amongThai people and foreigners who live inorcome to Thailand. The menus in this courseare also not difficult to do, and can be cooked with the normal cookwares that every house has. This course is taught in English. The instructor is Chef Nom who has long experience in Thai cooking. But because she can’tspeak English fluently, so she has to havean assistant to speak English on behalf of her. contents and overview The course consists of 7 lectures (6 Thai menus)is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who love Thai cooking even just want to try Thai cooking (beginners) or want to apply these recipesin Thai restaurants. In this course you will learn about the ingredients of Thai food. You will know the way to prepare the ingredients andthe benefits of them used in cooking. You’ll then learn how to cook Thai food, some useful tips for delicious cooking. When you finishthis course, You’ll have skill and knowledge for Thai cooking. You can cook Thai food (with real Thai flavor) at your home or with friends. If you oftenpractice cookingthese Thaimenus until you become good at cooking, you may use these knowledgeand skill to open yourThai restaurant.