In just 10 sessions you can begin to feel like a whole new person. In this blissfulyoga video series, you will learn yogapractices to balance, stretch, strengthen and alignyour body mind and soul, while feeling like you are on vacation in the Maldives with Dashama. Video Topics and Benefits Include: Sun Salutations – Rise and shine with yoga to start each day out amazingLower Back Pain Relief- Strengthen your core and release any lower back tensionPranayama Breathwork – Increase your natural energy, focus and mental clarityShoulder Sequence – Stretchyour shoulders, release pain or stiffness, open your heartWarrior Sequence – Strengthen and tone while empowering your self inside and outAbs Sequence – Strengthen your core to create an empowered and confident bodyMantra Vinyasa – Open your throat chakra and improve your voice/communicationFire Practice – Transform anydense lowerenergiesinto radiantstrength & focusInner Thighs – Stretch and release tension from this commonly overlooked areaHamstrings – Stretch and release tension while preventing lower back painThis courseis created for all levels and is designed to help you experienced a complete, well rounded and joyfulyoga practice, touching all areas of your body, learning yogicpractices, routines, breathing andmeditation while youfillyourself with lovefrom the inside and realign with your best health and happiness. Blessings to your great success, health and happiness! Love and Namaste, Dashama