Opportunistic Professional Tries to Use LinkedIn as Dating App, Sparks Mixed Reactions

For many women of a certain age, unexpected attention from men is a fact of life. Whether this is creepy, annoying, or flattering is dependent on many factors; there’s a huge difference between a catcall and a genuine compliment. Still, there is often a time and a place for that kind of thing. Most wouldn’t associate it with a social network designed for professional connections, but that doesn’t mean that some haven’t tried their luck.

This was something that @hannahharmelin found out recently, when she checked her LinkedIn inbox to find a man who was interested in something other than her work capabilities. Sharing the forward message to TikTok, viewers were torn between the move being weird or attractive. Hannah certainly seemed to take it as a compliment, even if it was kind of a shock. It’s more interesting than half the opening lines you see on Tinder, it has to be said.