Hello! ,You will learnhow to max-out your profits with directional trades, without getting any false signals. The Barcelona swing spread is one of the most complete strategies of our seven deadly strategies series. You will learn how to set up3 bullish, and 3 bearish strategy step by step. And get them to your toolbox right away. The Barcelona Swing strategy course includesNine lectures: Lecture 1.What is the Relative Strength Index? Learn about the RSI Index and the right settings for a swing trader?Lecture 2. What is the Bollinger Bands indicator? How can we get the most out of it? What is the right usage of bands?Lecture 3. What is the Stochastics Fast indicator? How to adjust the overbought and oversold levels for a swing trade. Lecture 4. The Long Call. Learn about what is the strategy, right timeframe and the right delta for trading. A Real World Example trade with FACEBOOKLecture 5. The Bull Call. When to use? Right Settings for the strategy? And a real-world example of Amazon. Lecture 6. The Bear Call. How to maximize the time decay? Right Delta for the strategy? Right timeframe? Also, TeSLA trade. Lecture 7. The Long Put. How to reduce risk with right delta settings. Get the best price ratio after 419 backtests. Example trade with Apple. Lecture 8. The Bear Put. Learn about upside and downside risks of the strategy, and how to enter the trade right. With Netflix trade. Lecture 9. The Bull Put. How to get the most out from THETA? Which is the Correct expiry series for a credit spread. With a real-world example SPY trade.