Welcome to the PanPastel course realistic portrait painting! This course is the first of its kind, not only at the level of this platform, but also at the level of most internet platforms, Why?1- This course explains the techniques of these amazing colors that many people did not know how to use correctly! 2- This course is an experience of more than 10 years in the field of drawing, after experimenting with several types of colors .3- This course is different from the rest of the traditional colors, Be one of the Unique minds who seek to learn new things that may be the most desirable in the near future!4- This course is an investment of your time and in yourself to develop your Art level! You will learn all the basics, skills and techniques for Realistic painting. This course gives you access to 5 hrs HD tutorial videos in the In the most interesting and simplest way possible for you to learn painting human features. Including access to me 7 days a week for any questions! You will gain instant access to over 30 lectures of the course, which starts with basics; How to paint each part of the face separately, professionally and realistically and then how to draw a full portrait on more than one type of paper. Over the 12 chapters you will learn: . chapter 1: Introduction chapter 2: All about PanPastel colors ( Panpastel portrait set, Alternative for PanPastel and DIY PanPastel ) chapter 3: Blending ( blending tools, Paper Texture Effect and Colour mixing ) chapter 4: Painting a Realistic Eye ( Paint a Realistic Green Eye and Paint a Realistic Grey Eye ) chapter 5: Painting a Realistic nose ( Paining a Realistic Nose front view and Paining a Realistic Nose side view ) chapter 6: Painting a Realistic Mouth ( How To Paint Lips part 1, How To Paint Lips part 2 and Painting Realistic Cherry Red Lips ). chapter 7: Painting The skin ( Skin painting technique ). chapter 8: highlight ( The importance of highlighting ) . chapter 9: painting Hair. chapter 10: Painting full portrait on canvas advanced level. chapter 11: painting full portrait on canson paper. chapter 12: bonus section ( Choosing the Right Photo, How To Photograph Your Art and Bonus lecture! Who this course is for: For all levels from beginner to advanced level All passionate about artCreative spiritsAll those interested in developing their level of art and acquiring new information!