Parents Try to Blame Daughter for the Consequences of Their Own Bad Parenting

It’s not necessarily uncommon for parents to offload certain responsibilities to their offspring, but it’s important to ensure that these responsibilities are appropriate for a kid. When parents make one child responsible for their sibling, it can create an unfair and imbalanced dynamic that can lead to resentment and frustration. While it’s totally natural for older siblings to help out and look after their younger siblings, it’s important for parents to avoid overburdening one child at the expense of the other. 

When u/Both_Ad7165‘s parents provided her the means to live on her own while going to college, she was over the moon and very grateful, especially since she wasn’t the social type and preferred to be alone. Everything was going great until OP’s little brother graduated high school and got into the same college. Rather than living in the dorms, he convinced their parents to let him move in with his sister. Since the parents owned the apartment, OP couldn’t really argue, so little bro moved in and became the roommate of OP’s nightmares. The apartment became “party central” and their parents did nothing to stop it. In fact, when OP complained, her parents told her to “loosen up.” OP rightfully decided to move out of her parents’ apartment, which they didn’t like very much. Without his sister’s good influence, OP’s brother partied and slacked off even harder. Guess who OP’s parents tried to blame?