Parisian Opera House That Inspired ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Becomes an Airbnb

​Credit Thibaut Capotot Airbnb – released

For a limited time only, a Parison opera house box seat typically reserved for visiting dignitaries is being transformed into an Airbnb and priced for the ridiculously reasonable €37 per night.

The Palais Garnier opera house captures all the stunning opulence of La Belle Epoch, and was used as the inspiration for Phantom of the Opera. Opening tomorrow at midday for reservations on July 16th, the Box d’Honeur, or Box of Honor, has been transformed into a lavish suite.

The stunt is part of Airbnb’s partnership with European cities to give a boost to its heritage tourism sectors that have fallen behind over the last few years. Along with renting out the boxes, the Parisian National Opera wants to develop a streaming platform.

The Palais Garnier: Credit Thibaut Capotot Airbnb – released

Along with the 1-night stay in the Box of Honor, the ticket includes a tour of hidden areas in the Palais, rarely seen by the public, including the Opera’s incredible private archives and famous underground lake featured in the Phantom of the Opera penny novel.

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It also includes a private ballet initiation with one of the Opera de Paris Ballet dancers, an exclusive recital performed by the artists of the Paris Opera Academy, complete with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, dinner in the lavish Foyer de la Danse, a private and historic dancing rehearsal room behind the stage, used by dancers for warming up before a show, and a rooftop tour of the iconic Opera building where guests will enjoy a picturesque moment with one of the best views of Paris.

The Airbnb host is listed as Véronique Leroux, the great-granddaughter of Gaston Leroux, who wrote the Phantom of the Opera penny novel first as a series of installments in the newspaper, based on stories and legends he had heard about the Palais Garnier. 

“My great-grandfather’s classic story has inspired so many people through the years,” says Véronique Leroux in a statement from Airbnb. “This is the perfect time to honor him and welcome ‘phans’ to the famous setting of his much-loved novel for a once-in-a-lifetime stay.”

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