Patronizing $16 ‘Mental Aid Box’ Gets Criticized by Twitter

As anyone who has ever struggled with their mental health can testify, a bad episode can feel like a never-ending tunnel with no light at the end of it. What is most critical in such a dark time is having the right support.

Sadly, many people lack this when it comes to proper psychiatric and personal care, and there’s no easy solution apart from trying to make these things better and more widely available. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop opportunistic individuals from trying to provide a quick fix.

People on Twitter were horrified recently to see a business advertising a ‘mental aid box’ for those feeling the effects of poor mental health. After parting with more than $16, the kit offers the recipient things like a keyring, a face mask, chocolate, and a singular teabag. 

Viewers were skeptical that this effort would do much to improve the mood of somebody with a problem, and didn’t hesitate to say so. Drinking tea and doing skincare might be a nice hour of self care, but it’s not going to cure depression.