People Are Gobsmacked Over This Easy Way to Open a Freeze Pop

If there’s one summertime childhood memory that almost everybody shares, it is the simple pleasure of cooling down with an ice pop on a hot, sunny day. They may be little more than plastic wrapped tubes of frozen water, sugar, and chemicals, but that feeling of inhaling that questionably sourced goodness until you get brain freeze is pretty hard to beat.

However, one part of the whole experience that is probably even more memorable than eating the popsicles themselves is the valiant struggle, made to get into them in the first place. Many baby teeth have been stretched to their wobbly limits attempting to tear into that darned wrapper, and the task doesn’t get any easier when you grow up, either. 

Unless you’ve always been that organized person who knows exactly where the scissors are, most of us have spent our whole lives fighting against that pesky plastic. That is, until TikTok gifted us with the revelation that we don’t have to battle to get to the frozen stuff. In a TikTok originally created by @shelbbrazzell, it was shown how the easiest way to get an ice pop open was to simply snap it in half. Multiple baffled duets from the likes of @solomisfit1 and @beeanca411 proved the hack to be legit, and just like that, the lives of millions of viewers were forever changed. Now we have a new problem: how do we manage to finish both halves before they melt?