People Debate Whether Singers Should Show Off At Karaoke

People who can sing can get a little irritating, especially when they constantly remind you of their talents. Like we get it, Claire, you can belt Defying Gravity, and for some reason, you decide to do it in public!!! Unless you foolishly decide to pursue singing as a career, we get fewer and fewer opportunities to sing as we grow older. When you’re a kid, you can do school musicals, choir, sing Wicked at the middle school lunch table unannounced, or do private singing lessons if you’re fancy. The only routes for adults to sing in public are church choirs and bar karaoke nights.

If you can actually sing, karaoke presents a stiff problem. Do you actually show off your beautiful voice and risk alienating everyone in the bar, or do you fake being a mediocre singer? Everyone has a different take on this, and your opinion is likely correlated to whether you’re a good singer or not.