People Debate Who Would Win an Imaginary War Between the East and West of the United States

Pitting the East of the United States against the West is nothing new. We usually hear it in the context of which coast has the better rap, but as is the case with most rivalries, almost anything is fair game. East Coast pizza vs. West Coast pizza is a no-brainer (Sorry, CPK). Any Californian would say that their coast boasts the best tacos and burritos. But what if the two sides of this massive country had to fight each other in a war? This is the sort of hypothetical situation that always gets people on Twitter talking, and when @hotdogbiscuits posed it, the people of the bird app wasted no time presenting their hot takes. 

It seems that while there are a few exceptions, most people find the East side of the country to be the more formidable opponent. After all, we’ve got New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and our crowning, chaotic jewel: Florida. Sure, the Florida Men might have to cross the Sierras to win the Pacific, but it seems like we got this civil war on lock. We’ve put together some of the better arguments for both coasts, but you can bet there’s way more where these came from. If we’re never going to see world (or national) peace, why not lean into the madness?