People Discuss Parents Who Kick Their Kids Out Once They Turn 18

Parenting is tough. Parents must make tough decisions about raising and interacting with their kids throughout their lives. Parenting doesn’t end when a child turns 18; It’s a job that lasts forever, even when your kids are long out of the house. Unfortunately, some parents want to finish their parenting obligations when their kids turn 18, leading to trauma and family disintegration

Don’t get me wrong: I know that sometimes, parents have to put their foot down. I don’t think unemployed adult children should live with their parents for years unless there is an extenuating circumstance. But I think we can all agree that kicking a kid out as soon as they turn 18 is cruel and uncalled for, no matter what. 18-year-olds are still teenagers, even if they’re legally adults, and kicking them out because they’re technically grown is a huge red flag on the part of the parents. The subreddit r/askreddit came together to discuss the damaging effects of parents kicking their kids out when they turn 18 and the factors that can lead to such an outcome.