People Discuss the Awkwardness of Public Bathroom Etiquette

Public restrooms are rarely a fun experience. It’s a special kind of person that is happy about pooping outside their own bathroom, and it’s fair to say that they are few and far between. Having nature call when we’re out and about is inevitable, but the inconveniences that it can cause us are much less predictable. 

Mostly, this is down to other people. Anyone who has ever cleaned a public toilet knows that not everybody has the greatest etiquette when it comes to using them, and it can make the experience pretty unpleasant in a number of ways. This has been underlined in a thread started by @mismulrooney, where people tried to decide once and for all the best way of letting a stranger know that a stall was occupied. There are definitely some interesting methods on display here. However, the real question is why so many of us have voices that jump an octave when our bathroom break gets interrupted.