People Discuss The Ingredients That Ruin a Sandwich

Choosing the right ingredients for a sandwich is essential, and even when you do everything right, your sandwich can still end up gross. I’ve made many questionable sandwich-topping choices throughout my life, and I’m at peace with that. I spent at least a calendar year ordering burgers with only pickles and onions on them; I can only imagine what my breath smelled like during that year. I also regularly got black olives on my sandwich when I went to Subway, and let’s just say I wouldn’t make that same choice again. I will stand by peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Those are delicious. 

Sometimes getting a random sandwich is your only option when you’re on the go. These sandwiches can be the bearers of funky toppings that do not bode well. I like every topping that could be put on a sandwich, but it can be pretty disheartening when they are not done well.