People Discuss Their Least Favorite Music Genres

I do not have good music taste. My favorite genres are pop, musical theatre, and novelty comedy songs. My brain has been permanently fried from listening to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, for my entire time on this earth. Even though I have no right to judge music, I still take the opportunity to judge other people’s musical tastes. Don’t ask me how that works! I hate when people say they like all genres “except rap and country.” I know there’s a possibility that that’s their genuine opinion, but I’m not buying it. It sounds like the ultimate “pick me” opinion. Like yeah right, you hate the two genres of music that are the most popular to make fun of? I’m calling bull on that. I only listen to the most base stuff out there, and even I don’t hate rap and country. Redditors came together to discuss their least favorite genre of music, and the answers are more unique than you’d expect.