People Discuss Why Some Women Are Suspicious of Other Women Being Nice

Female friendship was always a minefield for me growing up. There seemed to be so many unwritten hierarchical rules that I neither cared about, nor fully understood. I was never (vomit inducing phrase warning) a guy’s girl, but I did appreciate how boys seemed to take more things at face value.

As I’ve got older, my closest relationships have either been with men, or other women who had a similarly insufferable ‘not like other girls’ complex when they were younger. If social media is anything to go by, I’ve lucked out — I can safely say that nobody in my female social circle would make a TikTok complaining that giving them a compliment was suspicious.

There is a social media trend of women assuming the worst when other women are friendly to them, according to @gyarufem. Posting some examples to Twitter, it led to people arguing about how valid the whole thing was. While it may be true that some people can be devious and two faced, it can be a lot more peaceful to not overthink flattery.