People Explain All the Historical Figures That Weren’t Actually Bad Guys

The more life experience you get, the more you realize how much everything is influenced by PR. One good hit job is enough to ruin a reputation forever, whether or not they actually deserve it. It’s a powerful tool that has been make or break for countless individuals over the years, and we don’t always see the most truthful side of the story. 

In a lot of ways, history will remember us however it wants to — but there are people out there who value setting the record straight. It’s amazing to think how much misremembering goes on when you come across a thread like this AskReddit, which asked Redditors to name those who had been unfairly remembered as the bad guy. There are some compelling examples here, with some extremely interesting backstories. Often, the tale that doesn’t get told is one that probably more of us would appreciate if it was the accepted narrative.