People Fantasize About the Companies They’d Buy and Ruin Like Elon Musk Did To Twitter

If you had a million, bajillion dollars, and a passion for utter chaos, which company would you buy and transform beyond recognition? Many people think this is exactly what Elon Musk has done to Twitter, but frankly, it only seems slightly more insufferable. For now. Me? Well, I’d probably buy Benihana. If you don’t catch the shrimp that the Hibachi master lovingly tosses toward your mouth, you have to pay double your bill, and clean the restaurant. What could go wrong? 

Twitter user @JennyENicholson asked this same question to the wise yet deranged people of Twitter, and their answers were, on par with or more entertaining (and diabolical) than mine. Some people want to change Starbucks, some people want to ruin big brands like Coke or Pepsi. Our favorite answers come from people who just want to watch the world burn. One thing’s for sure, the world (and especially Chuck E. Cheese) would be a very different place if Twitter users had more money.