People Roast Entitled Airbnb Host Who Didn’t Want to Do His Job

It’s no secret that many people have grown weary of Airbnb. The fees, the growing lists of rules, and work-intensive clean-ups (while still paying a cleaning fee) make hotels look a lot more attractive than when the site first came on the scene. Hotels are often less expensive, to boot. Why should travelers have to do double or triple the work, and have a hard time getting help, when they could be waited on at a Marriott or even a Days Inn? As customers rethink their options, it appears that so are Airbnb hosts. But not for the reasons you might think. According to an article from Insider, some hosts are getting tired of having to do work to make what they thought would be a passive income. 

Twitter user @MrAlexisPereira shared an excerpt from the July article with his followers this past week. The article is focused on an Idaho resident who decided to take his (4) Airbnb rentals off the market in exchange for his peace of mind. The reasons? Well, dealing with demanding guests is a “headache.” Word to the wise: Don’t manage four rentals if you can’t handle the work, and more importantly, if you can’t handle some pretty ordinary issues like providing a working bathroom or keypad operation. 

As @MrAlexisPereira points out in his thread, it seems some Airbnb hosts are trying to run hotels without a front desk. And that’s simply not sustainable – not only for the host, but for guests who expect certain basic things (opening the front door, using a bathroom) from their accommodations.

The people of Twitter were more than happy to gang up on entitled Airbnb hosts, citing their own experiences with (and criticisms of) the website. And as someone who has been a frustrated Airbnb guest (no electricity and an electric water pump = bad news), I’ve gotta say, they were enjoyable reads.