People Roast the Idea of Writing a Will Before the Age of 25

When most of us think of our early twenties, one word that doesn’t spring to mind is “stability”. For many people, young adulthood is more about making mistakes than building an empire, and they reach the midpoint with little more to show for it than a handful of so-called worthwhile memories.

Unless you’re somebody who settles down early, falls into an inheritance, or is part of the 1%, it’s debatable whether you’ll even have savings by the age of 25. For this reason, a lot of Twitter users were baffled when @BayBoard_ claimed that everybody should have written a will by this time. As being alive in general only gets more expensive, it’s fair to say that a lot of younger people today are going to take longer and longer to acquire things worth leaving behind. It’s kind of difficult to dole out your belongings when you don’t even own your own couch.