People Share the Wildest Questions Customers Have Asked Them

One of the worst customer interactions I’ve ever had was when I worked at a Chinese food place. A guy placing his order told me that his pregnant wife was allergic to sesame, and if she had any of it, she’d break out in hives. He also mentioned that this was her favorite restaurant. I noted the allergy on his order, but he kept calling the store, reminding us that there was to be no sesame in the meals. I reassured him that I had told the kitchen there was a sesame allergy for this order, and they were good. Seemed like kind of a weird request for a Chinese food restaurant, but whatever. He picked up the food, and about 40 minutes later, we got a call from him yelling at us that his wife had broken out in hives and now they’d have to go to the hospital because of my incompetence. I was freaking out at this point because I was 17, this was my first job, and I very well might’ve killed a pregnant woman. That’s when my boss told me that literally every single one of our meals had sesame in it because we used sesame oil on the grills. The thing I’m still curious about to this day is how she did not break out in hives every other time she ordered from our restaurant. Or if she had, why did they keep ordering a type of food where sesame is one of the most utilized ingredients?

That tale does not even compare to what others have had to go through while working with customers. Twitter user @WrittenByHanna asked her followers about the most outlandish things customers had ever asked them, and they are both sad and hilarious.