People Swap Horror Stories About the Grossness of Living in College Dorms

Many students find that going to college for the first time is a baptism of fire. Being thrown into an alien environment with a load of other people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing is always a recipe for chaos, especially when you’re a. still teenagers and b. therefore idiots. 

Never again in our lives will most people experience that level of partying, high drama — and completely abysmal hygiene. There are few more disgusting individuals on this earth than college freshmen, and indeed students in general. This has been highlighted by a recent Twitter thread, in which users have been sharing just how gross their dorm living experience was. While it’s scary to think that there are adults out there who think that it is acceptable to be like this, at least most of us can be thankful that this kind of experience is behind us. Not knowing what you’re going to find when you step in the shower is a stressful experience.