People Weigh In On Bad Friend Who Ditched Dinner For a D*ck Appointment

Female friendships can be tough. When we’re younger, they’re often kind of codependent – we want to spend every day with our friends, having sleepovers, working on secret languages, and passing notes in school. As we get older, conversations begin to revolve around crushes, kisses, periods, and all the other “fun” stuff that comes with puberty. Eventually, less time is spent with friends as budding relationships become more serious, as some friends become boy-crazy, and others want to settle down. This is why the plans we make with friends should be seen as relatively sacred – and why it stings when your best gal pal decides to cancel plans to hang out with whatever f*ckboy she’s been devoting too much emotional energy to. 

This situation, while painful, is far more common than we would like. Twitter user @eurotrashgir1 provided ample proof (before going private) in the form of an unfortunate text exchange she had with a pal. It seems that after making dinner reservations for the evening, her companion nonchalantly asked if she could cancel in favor of going to a “d*ck appointment.” The nerve. While she didn’t put up much of a fight, OP paired the damning conversation with the caption “Well there goes that friendship.” What else are you supposed to do when someone makes it clear they’d rather get laid than spend quality time with you? 

The tweet went viral pretty quickly, with other women weighing in on the exchange, times they’ve been bailed on, and how damn annoying it is to deal with flaky friends who prioritize men over their pals. If anything is to be learned from this situation, it’s that you don’t want to be the gal who bails. We’re here for the discourse.