People Who Tried and Failed to Delete Their Embarrassing Tweets

We all say things we regret from time to time, but mixing up your vocabulary in conversation or dropping some cringe in the group chat is a walk in the park compared to the horror of posting something on the internet that you deeply regret later. Remember Justine Sacco? Even if you delete that embarrassing drunk tweet, chances are it is already too late. Always remember that anything you say – and any nipple you reveal on Twitter or Instagram-  can and will be screenshot against you in a court of internet. On the other hand, being a simple witness to these cringey and unsuccessfully deleted posts can actually be pretty fun. We have put together some particularly irksome examples of tweets that were deleted for a good reason – it just didn’t happen in time. These tweets definitely inspired us to think really, really hard before we post. And to only become internet “friends” with people we actually trust.