In this class we go in depth with one classic Persian dish: Tahchin. Tahchin is such a versatile Persian dish! Its a savoury rice cake that can be prepared with chicken, lamb or veggie filling or plain as a side dish. It has fragrant saffron rice and a juicy filling of your choice in the centre, a crispy golden rice crust on the outside, and sweet barberries on top. Served with the flavourful juices of the lamb or chicken and some creamy yogurt, this makes for a delicious meal to impress your guests or enjoy with your family. The class is broken down into small steps, that will help you not only how to master this tasty dish, but give you an idea of Persian cuisine in general. If you can prepare these three popular versions of Tahchin, you automatically know how to make a plain Tahchin without filling, which makes a gorgeous side dish to any Persian stew. In the class I show you all the tips and tricks for a golden crispy Tahchin crust (tahdig-e tahchin), aromatic saffron rice inside and three different flavourful fillings in the centre.I explain not only what to do, but also why we do different things, so that you understand Persian cuisine at a deeper level. Persian cuisine is full of flavour and well worth giving a go. Wether you already know this or are curious and want to try something new, this class is for you. It is created with all different cooking skill levels in mind. You don’t need to be experienced in the kitchen to participate. Iexplain everything step by step and should you still have any questions, you can of course always reach out to me. I’m always happy to help.