The course covers basic aspects of Banking, Loans, Insurance, Taxation, Investments and Expenses & Savings. It is aimed at bridging the knowledge gap that exists specially in Housewives, Finance Students and Non – Finance Professionals. We have tried to focus on practical aspects and tried to keep it very short so that we can help you learn the important points without taking away lot of your time. We have observed that at critical times specially in case of the person managing Finance getting ill or in case of his death, it leaves a huge question mark on the whereabouts of his Finance & Investments and that’s where the need for primary Financial Education for all. Even in case of the person managing Finance we have seen that sometimes due to limited knowledge they are not able to filter the right kind of advise that they are receiving and that hampers their prudent decision making. This is where we hope to make a difference by adding some real important value to their Finance related knowledge. The other target segment is Finance students. We have noticed that even MBAFinance freshers from Tier 3-4 institutes do not have much knowledge of practical aspects of Finance. Our course could be a quick refresher for them and will help them get some insights into important aspects of Personal Finance.