OverviewHi, Im Colby and I like simple things that make me feel organized, and in control. For some time now, Ive been tweaking the way I manage my personal finances in the pursuit of keeping it simple, yet sophisticated. I tried a handful of online budgeting tools, smartphone apps, and even considered paying for a professional service. But somehow, none of these avenues seemed to qualify for what I was in seek of. Id start off enthusiastic on keeping good habits, only to find myself forgetting about the app after a couple weeks, being bombarded with ads and over-the-top notifications on every little movement in my account or billing schedule, and/or it requiring just as much effort on my end as if I were to just build a financial ledger myself. So, I decided to do just that and build one my own way. And “lo and behold”, I discovered that the easiest tool to keep up with, customize to my liking, encourage me to stay engaged in with my financial well accounts, and most importantly share with others is actually a plain old spreadsheet with a few simple, yet powerful formulas.I also discovered that by combining my homegrown spreadsheet with a basic cadence of regular check-ins, and a few additional resources, that I had built an incredibly solid foundation for truly understanding my financial situation. Being able to see your entire financial world in one place helps you see the big picture. And from there, strategies start to come to life along with a deep sense of organization and confidence moving forward. And now Im sharing this spreadsheet, and the overall process with you! DetailsIncludes FREE access to an un-locked Personal Finance Spreadsheet from Google Sheets so that you can save on your own Google DriveThe Google Sheet will come pre-populated with the same fictitious data presented in this Udemy tutorial courseThis course is for the purpose of learning how to self-manage your finances, and keep it as simple as possibleThis course is not for the purpose building a complex budgeting tool that looks to allocate every penny you spend