Are you where you want to be financially?Do you feel like there has to be a better way of handling money? Are you tired of dealing with student loan and credit card debt? Do you want to invest but dont know where to start? If you said yes to one or more of these questions then you are in luck. This AMAZING money management course will provide the answers to these questions and more. Lets be honest, when it comes to planning your finances it can seem like an extra chore at best. Building a solid financial plan is built on uncertainty, fear and confusion in most cases. In the end, these emotions make you want to avoid planning for your financial future and settle for a life less than. Financial literacy education is a life-long process and requires constant attention. Personal FinanceUniversity was created to provide you with the education and the necessary tools you need to learn how to manage your finances and to modify your behavior to make better financial decisions. This course will be taught through five different lessons. Each lesson will unlock information in key areas of personal finance. This course will consists of an instructor led, hands on approach to personal finance. The information in this course is based on years of bad financial decisions and mis-information by the instructor and discovering what it takes to make better financial decisions. This course will share practical advice on how to set and achieve financial goals to building real wealth. The information and examples in this course will provide you with sound money management strategies, and these strategies will help get you where you want to be financially. Thanks for taking this, now lets get started!