Pi Day Memes For Nerds Who Celebrate Pi Day

Happy 3.14159 Day to all who celebrate! Today, math nerds and baking nerds unite to celebrate a silly little number that helps us with circumferences, circles, and all that jazz. To be perfectly honest, I am not one of those dorks who loves Pi Day. To me, March 14th is THE DAY THAT KRAB FRIES. I am a SpongeBob fan first, a pie consumer second, and a math girl dead last. 

I respect those annoying kids who memorize the numbers of pi to show off. It is an admirable pursuit for any 9-year-old. This practice is in the same ballpark as memorizing The Elements by Tom Lehrer, which is the song that lists all the elements on the Periodic Table to the tune of ‘I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major General.’ Doing either of these things could get you pretty far during an elementary school talent show. If you’re one of those kids, I hope you have the best Pi Day of all! You deserve it more than anybody.