Learn how you can make pizza at home using pizzeria alike oven. Get all you want to have to cook crispy Italian Pizza in one placeHardware and ingredientsTips and techniquesfor cooking pizza alla ItalianaHow to organize spaceComplete tutorial from dough preparation to pizza assemblyLearn by copying pizza making techniquesDetailed SummaryThis course, created in one Sunday morning, will guide you through the process of pizza making at home. In fact you will see exactly what should be done in very smallest detail. You can just copy, improve and improvise and you will get the best result ever. You will have a fulloverview of all the Kitchen Hardware you may need. To make your job easier we will look on how to organize space in the Kitchen. We talk on which ingredients you may need and how to prepare pizza base in a simple and lean way. You will see that it’s actually possible to cook nice pizza without cumbersome operations to spend minimum time possible with excellent results. By reviewing how to cook several popular Italian Pizzas you can make start to improvise and prepare your own best style pizza of your choice. Every section of the course contains simple quiz that can help you in case of doubts. Enjoy this simple and quick course! And. you can do it too!p.s.[edited] Please consider that course was recorded “As is” without any staging and preparation. It was just filmed during my usual “Pizza cooking day” 20 August 2017. I don’t believe one need to watch 2 hours videos to make pizza at home:)