Plant Parenthood: 30 Succulent Memes for Obsessive Amateur Gardeners Whose Plants Are Like Children to Them

Having plants in your apartment can be beneficial in a lot of ways. Plants rejuvenate O2 levels in the home while taking toxins out of the air, but they also have another nifty trick that you probably never imagined when you bought your first pothos plant– they multiply. 

Whether it’s your conscious choice or not, the plants in your home will nearly double in quantity and complexity without you even realizing. One minute, you’re a casual window-sill tomato gardener, next thing you know, you have 20 exotic orchids that need TLC every 4 hours or they’ll wilt. You won’t even realize that you’re cancelling plans to wipe dust off of your ficus leaves and you won’t even realized that you’ve abstained from vacationing because you don’t trust any of your friends to adequately care for your leafy children. You won’t stop browsing the gardening section of Home Depot until you’ve built an entire forest in your1 bedroom apartment. Think of how fresh the air is going to be!